The PC-PROGRAM.COM store specializes in the distribution of computer software for the b2b and b2c industries.

It is characterized by experience and quality when it comes to Customer service, thanks to which the store obtained certificates confirming the quality of the software sold. PC- PROGRAM.COM is an official Microsoft partner, so you buy software from a trusted company. By placing an order, the customer can be sure that he will be reliably and carefully implemented in the shortest possible time.

The offer of the store is addressed to people looking for high-quality goods at affordable prices. Therefore, when buying, the customer can be sure that the amount he pays will be low and that the goods purchased will meet all standards and requirements.

The store is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 to 17.00

Orders are accepted 24 hours a day; however, order confirmation, availability, or prices can be checked during the business hours of the store.

Outside these hours, please send an email to which we will respond the next business day.

Pc Programs 

ul. Staromiejska 6/10d

40-013 Katowice

NIP: 6452563472

REGON: 384977622



Nummer Konta zt: PL 44 1050 1142 1000 0097 2258 2567

Nummer Konta € : PL 27 1050 1142 1000 0097 2266 6972