§ 1 Definitions

  1. Newsletter -  free of charge service provided by electronic means, through which the Service Recipient may receive electronically previously ordered messages regarding the Store, including information about offers, promotions, and new products in the Store from the Service Provider.
  2. Store - the "PC-PROGRAM" online store owned by the Service Provider at http://pc-program.com/  
  3. Service Provider - Dawid Badura, conducting business activity under the name Pc Programs, ul. Staromiejska 6/10d, 40-013 Katowice, NIP: 6452563472, REGON: 384977622.
  4. Service Recipient - any entity to who the Newsletter service is provided.

§ 2 Newsletter

  1. The Service Recipient may voluntarily use the Newsletter service.
  2. Email messages sent as part of this service will be sent to the email address provided by the Service Recipient when subscribing to the Newsletter.
  3. In order to conclude the Agreement and subscribe to the Newsletter service, the Service Recipient, in the first step, provides his email address to the Store, where he wants to receive messages sent as part of the Newsletter. Then, to the email address provided in the first step, the Service Provider will send a message to the Service Recipient verifying the email address, in which there will be a link confirming the subscription to the Newsletter. After the Service Recipient confirms his will to subscribe to the Newsletter, an agreement for the provision of this service is concluded, and the Service Provider will begin providing it to the Service Recipient.
  4. To use the Newsletter service, you need a device with an Internet browser that supports JavaScript and cookie files, access to the Internet, and an active email account.
  5. The messages sent as part of the Newsletter will contain information about the possibility of unsubscribing from it, as well as a link to unsubscribe.
  6. The Service Recipient may unsubscribe from the Newsletter, without giving a reason and incurring any costs, at any time using the option referred to in paragraph 5 or by sending a message to an email address of the Service Provider: [email protected]
  7. The use of the link to unsubscribe from the Newsletter by the Service Recipient or sending a message with the request to unsubscribe from the Newsletter will result in immediate termination of the agreement for the provision of this service.

§ 3 Claims and complaints

  1. Complaints about the Newsletter should be reported to the Service Provider by e-mail: [email protected]
  2. The Service Provider will respond to the complaint within 14 days of receiving it.

§ 4 Personal data

  1. The Administrator of the personal data of the Service Recipients provided to the Service Provider in connection with the Newsletter service is the Service Provider.
  2. The Service Recipient voluntarily gives his personal data by subscribing to the Newsletter. Providing personal data is, however, is necessary to use the service referred to in these Terms and conditions. The personal data provided by the Customer will be processed by the Service Provider in order to provide the Newsletter service to the Service Recipient.
  3. The Service Recipient has the right to inspect personal data concerning him, as well as request to correct it.

§ 5 Final provisions

  1. The Service Provider reserves the right to change these Terms and conditions only for important reasons. An important reason is the need to change the regulations caused by the modernization of the Newsletter service or a change in the law affecting the provision of the service by the Service Provider.
  2. Information about the planned change to the Terms and conditions will be sent to the e-mail address of the Service Recipient provided at the time of subscription to the Newsletter, at least 7 days before changes are to be introduced.
  3. If the Service Recipient does not object to the planned changes by the time they enter into force, it is assumed that he accepts them.
  4. In the absence of acceptance for planned changes, the Service Recipient should send information about it to the email address of the Service Provider: [email protected], which will result in the termination of the agreement for the provision of service as soon as the planned changes come into force.
  5. The Service Recipient is prohibited from providing illegal content.